Blog update and blog/vlogmas

So how long has it been since my last real blog post? Let’s not be too specific with dates but I am very aware it has been far too long.

You might have been thinking, have I given up on this blogging and vlogging thing? The answer is no but there have been multiple reasons for this unintentional hiatus.


Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 21.31.59.png

Firstly, I always suffer from post summer come down. My motivation levels drop as soon as winter hits and I find I have less energy to do even the things I love. I have been struggling to keep up with my sewing to do lists so haven’t had the chance to keep up the blog as well. With that in mind I decided a break might be good. Gather ideas and come back with great content rather than something half put together! This also goes for the vlogs because the other problem with winter is I don’t have the light in which to film videos. Ugh!

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 21.30.45.png

Thinking about the blog and vlog content I haven’t been completely pleased with how it has all been looking and for me putting out content that I am not completely happy makes me uncomfortable. So I’ve wanted to do more than sitting in front of the camera holding up fabric on the vlog (though sometimes there is a place for this) I have been eager to go for a redesign for my blog, perhaps even a new platform. So fingers crossed I can get my arse in gear and that will be coming!

Suzy Magazine Dominique Major

Lastly and perhaps most excitingly, I have been working on launching Suzy Magazine! In case you haven’t seen, Suzy is an Indie sewing magazine for the fashion forward sewist. With my friend Rosa I have been creating this magazine because we wanted to fill the gap between fashion magazines and sewing magazine. We wanted to have a magazine that had a fashion magazine feel, with editorial shoot, styling ideas etc but with handmade clothes instead of clothes from the high street. I will do a detailed post very soon.

Suzy Magazine Dominique Major

So as you can probably guess this has been taken quite a lot of my time.  We are currently sold out but we have some new issues coming from the printers very soon so if you haven’t managed to get your hands on a copy yet, you can put yourself on the waiting list over at

So feeling a wave of motivation (read: craziness) I have figured that the best way to get back into blogging is to take part in Blogmas. So stay tuned for a post every single day. I am going to combine blogmas and vlogmas together and use this as an opportunity to revamp both. So I will be posting everyday, not on each platform but across both platforms. So some days it may be a blog and others a vlog. I am still deciding on how I plan to make this work and I am going to be honest I only decided to do this, this morning. So be patient.

See you tomorrow…