Vintage Sewing Pattern Haul vlog

Two posts in one week?! Craziness!

Here is my latest vlog which is the second part of my holiday sewing haul. This time I talk about vintage patterns and some other sewing treasures. I hope you all enjoy!

Holiday Fabric Haul (and an update)

Hello guys!

I’m back! Sorry it has been such a long time. I had hoped to schedule some posts while I was away but holiday fun got the better of me.

But now that I’ve been back for a couple of weeks I’m finally back in the swing of normal life and back into the swing of getting my sewing in order. Particularly because with a change of season my wardrobe needs an update. So do expect regular posts to be back up.

For now while I work on getting them in order I have a new video over on my YouTube channel. It’s a haul video of all the fabric I bought while I was away. I do also have another video scheduled to go up this weekend so stay tuned.

Hope you enjoy the video and do let me know if there are any particular posts you are dying to see.

July Sewing Haul

Right so let me start off by saying that this video has been the biggest pain. I’ve had to film it three times and I think it has been uploading for about 6 hours. Was it worth it? Hopefully! Regardless but here is my latest sewing haul.

Thanks again to everyone who has subscribed. I know I’ve been a bit patchy on the blogging front recently but it is now the summer holidays (woo!) so I have lots of sewing planned and quite a few posts lined up so stay tuned.

As I am planning new posts and videos let me know what you’d like to see in the comments. What’s everyone been making? What have you been buying?