Monthly Motivation- August Edition

Hello there! So this post is a little bit later then planned, I had hoped to get this up on the 1st August but you know life gets in the way.

So I wanted to kick off a new feature, Monthly Motivation. Some of you who have been reading my blog since i started (all those months back) might remember my Monday Motivation posts which were ultimately not sewing related. What I wanted to create is an almost mood board like post  with things that aren’t sewing patterns or fabric that will be inspiring me creatively in the upcoming month and resources that I have been using to plan that month’s sewing. What this should do is give you insight into how I find inspiration , provide you with new sewing inspiration resources, as well as showing you some just generally cool things I have been enjoying.

monthly motivation august edition dominique major

Music – You guys might have seen that I LOVE The Last Shadow Puppets and their latest album is one I have been playing non stop. I listen to it when I am out and about, on my record player when I am sewing. Needless to say this has been a real source of motivation. Style wise it has been making me think forward to AW where I can imagine the ‘rockstar girlfriend’ look coming into full force. I’m thinking a mod style Francoise dress with chunky boots or an AW appropriate Vogue V9123because those sleeves will be great for dancing around in. (Btw this is my fav song.)

Online Shopping – I have been loving everything on Reformation right now. It has been the inspiration behind by Butterick B5030 (post coming soon). They have beautiful wrap dresses which makes me want to keep making more, I love the sleeve detail on this one. So this is next up on my project list. Plus I want to make this, this and this! See I said I loved it!

Blogger- If there has been one blogger/Youtuber/instagrammer/all round cool gal that has been inspiring me it has to be Rachel Nguyen. I have been watching her videos for a while but since she was doing #31daysofchic over on her Youtube channel I have fallen into a That’s Chic inspiration hole. I love her style, her general aesthetic and her seeing life in LA is always inspiring to me.  Firstly, she has been inspiring me to create better content both here and on my Youtube channel. But also in terms of sewing she has making me want to create edgier looks, that are subtly sexy. Check her out she is cool.

Film- Last up is a film. This film I have mixed emotions about. While I absolutely love it, it makes me so sad and angry. You’ll have to watch it to figure out why. I love Michelle Williams in this film, the way it is shot is beautiful. It makes me want to churn out a bunch of pretty summer dresses and recreate this scene.

That’s it for my Monthly Motivation- August Edition. You will hopefully see some of this inspiration come to life in my upcoming makes and in the content I am creating.

Let me know in the comments below what inspires your sewing. I’d love to hear about your favourite music, films, shops and inspirational people!

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