Handmade Style – Vogue V9075

Hey again everyone! First of all thanks to everyone who has been showing my blog and Instagram feed some love since I’ve started rambling more about sewing! You guys are too nice!

Now onto the sewing…

It’s not often I embark on a selfless sew, I just have so much I want to make for myself. But it’s my mum’s 50th Birthday and I wanted to sew her something special as a present.

I decided to sew the dress version of the Vogue V9075  with a lined bodice. I’d sewn the culottes version and knew it lived up to its Very Easy Vogue name. Originally I had wanted to use the Cynthia Rowley 1873 but the skirt just uses so much fabric! Fabric I did not have.

The fabric I used was this amazing cat fabric from MacCulloch & Wallis that my brother had actually bought for my mum last year but she was too afraid to cut into.

So here is the finished dress.

It’s hard not to hang this up in my own wardrobe, I just love how fun it is. The princess seams in this pattern meant I was able to cut and sew this dress in one evening. I would definitely try this pattern again and will have to get round to sewing myself something using this pattern

So now it is all packaged up in this funky gift boxes from Paperchase to give away.

I’m off to Cornwall for the bank holiday weekend, what are you all up to? What selfless sews have you completed recently?

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