Monday Motivation

Mondays can suck. You’ve had a good weekend but it’s all over too quickly. What you need is something to motivate your week. So starting this week I plan to provide some motivation.

Whether you’re reading this first thing on Monday to beat those back to work blues or if you’ll book mark this for some motivation later in the week. Here are some of the things I have been loving and are motivating me.

READ: Darling Magazine –  Stop Waiting. Here’s a Push to Chase that Vision 

WEAR: Neckerchiefs 

Monday     Motivation | Dominique Major

LISTEN: Marvin’s Room – Drake

SEW: Vogue V9123

WATCH: Snapshots | New York

MOTIVATE: ‘She turned her can’ts into can and her dreams into plans.’

Monday Motivation | Dominique Major


Have a great Monday! x

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