Handmade Style – Colette Hawthorn

This is an old Handmade Style from my old blog which I thought I’d stick up incase any of you are new and missed it. Enjoy!

Dominique Major | Colette Hawthorn

I made this Hawthorn dress by Colette patterns last year for my trip to Copenhagen.

For this I used a lovely maroon fabric that i bought at John Lewis using a Christmas voucher(again I know!), it was in the sale and was an absolute steal at only £4 a metre.  The pattern was another voucher buy, this time from Liberty using a loyalty voucher I had. The pattern was originally £18 but with £10 off it only set me back £8.

The pattern itself was relatively simple and the clear instructions made it simpler. I managed to finish this dress in about 2 days.  I opted for a short sleeve version and have shortened the hem slightly, as with the busy fabric I felt it looked a bit mumsy at the suggested length.

This dress is still a staple in my Handmade Wardrobe and has had lots of wear since it’s been made.

Let me know in the comments if you have made a Hawthorn.

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