Handmade Style – Vogue V9123

Inspired by all the floaty sleeves popping up on the high street I knew I wanted to have a go at sewing my own.

Dominique Major | Vogue V9123| Very Easy Vogue | Handmade Wardrobe
At the time when searching for a suitable pattern Vogue V9123 was the best I could find. Shortly after sewing this, Tilly and the Buttons released the Martha pattern, which with its bias skirt might have been more to my taste. But regardless, this is still a nice and quite on trend pattern.

I used a V&A floral cotton that I bought in the John Lewis sale at some point last year. I thought the floral mixed with the longer sleeves would make this a great transition piece for spring and even into summer. Lets be real it’s always  a little bit cold here in the UK.

Handmade Style | Dominique Major | Vogue V9123

As the packaging says this is a Very Easy sew and from cutting to finishing it took me about 2 hours in total. The instructions were easy to follow and all the fitting is pretty straight forward. Perfect if you’re still a beginner but are looking for a dress with a little bit of an edge.

I think this would look great in block colours. Perhaps some brights for the spring/summer and then some neutral black and greys when it moves into the colder months. The sleeves are a little bit big and floaty so if that’s not your thing, and you want to take inspiration from the Topshop dress below, you could trim the sleeve by a couple of inches to give it that ruffle without the width.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 15.44.40.png
Topshop Inspiration


Overall I am a fan of these sleeves and would love to make a looser top version to pair with skirts in the summer. So next up I might hack this a little bit and use the sleeves to create a casual summer top.  I’m quite drawn to using a light white cotton or perhaps even a chambray. Check out my Pinterest board to see what is inspiring me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 15.41.24

Let me know if you have made this pattern or tell me about any projects you are working on at the moment.

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