California Adventure Part 4

We’ve made it. Thanks for sticking it out. This is the final instalment of my California Adventure and we have made it to San Francisco.

Now if I was to live anywhere I think it would be San Francisco. I love the culture and diversity yet the laid back vibe that comes with it that London just doesn’t have.

We ditched the car at this point of the trip and prepared ourselves for some serious walking.



Make sure you check out Mr Holmes Bakery. There will be queue. Wait it out. It is worth it, even just for a picture of this sign.



We spent a sunny day at Alcatraz. Make sure you book in advance because it does get booked up and you can’t get tickets on the day. It’s an interesting day out with great views of the city.






We also went to see the baseball at AT&T park. Which a beautiful baseball stadium (trust me I’ve been to a few) overlooking the bay. It was a good game and of course we got hot dogs and garlic fries. Yum!



Now whats a trip to San Francisco without checking out there Golden Gate Bridge. we walked there on what seemed like a lovely sunny day. We neared the bridge thought we’d head into the cafe for sandwich before we crossed it then BAM it was gone! Be warned it can do that without notice. Damn mist!



If you have time do walk down to the small town on the other side and take the ferry back. It’s beautiful and gives you lovely views of the city.

Another tourist highlight is of course Lombard street. It’s busy and windy. And it is a real killer on the thighs if you decide to walk to it!


All of San Francisco is beautiful. The architecture is something to behold but some famous houses to check out are the Painted Ladies. House goals!12047175_10156068217930402_615642810264570535_n


Now I love to eat but two places to check out are Bacon Bacon and Mama’s.

First Mama’s ! Now if you check out any guide on where to eat in San Francisco you will find Mama’s on the list. It gets a lot of hype. And it is this hype that will mean you will probably have to wait in a two hour queue if you want to have brunch there. Was it worth it? Probably… It was good food and it allowed me to work on my tan.



But the real food hero is Bacon Bacon! This food truck can be found at the Soma Street Food Park and it is heavenly. A must for any bacon lover.  Just take in the glorious sight.




And that was it. The end of our California Adventure. Months later and my heart still pines for California. Definitely a top holiday.

Thanks for following my trip. Check back soon for more adventures.


Check out more of my holiday pictures over at my Instagram : dominique.major




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