California Adventure Part 2


Hey guys welcome back for part 2 of my California Adventure!

Day 5 (Driving from LA to Palm Springs)


So after LA we headed to Palm Springs. Palm Springs was totally in the opposite direction of our intended road trip but I had seen so many pictures and heard so many good things it seemed a shame to miss it when were so near. So off we went…

On our drive we saw so many awesome things and it was really interesting to see the landscape change as we got closer to Palm Springs and further into the desert. Before we got to Palm Springs I knew we had to stop at a Cabazon dinosaurs. I’s seen so many pictures of the World Biggest Dinosaur Museum and I love me a good dinosaur. Luckily the cool ones were outside, so we didn’t go into the museum but we got some awesome pictures.

Then we continued our drive and arrived at our hotel, The Saguaro. Again this was another one of those, we are heading all this way why not splurge on a super cool hotel moments. I love bright colours so this place was literally a dream and makes any Instagram enthusiasts heart sing!

With only a day in Palm Springs we knew we wanted to head to Palm Springs Aerial Tramway before relaxing by the pool in the blistering heat. The ride up was awful. I’m afraid of heights and the tram spins so there is nothing to hold on to. With the windows open and being very high up and totally unprepared it was tearful ride up. But the views were beautiful. What was waiting at the top totally made up for it. Just look at these pictures to see what I mean.

Back at our hotel we joined the weekend pool party, drank beer and margaritas and people watched. Later that evening we ventured far to out hotel’s restaurant, El Jeffe, which although absurdly dark served some of the best Mexican food and super strong cocktails.

Day 6 (Driving from Palm Springs to Pismo Beach)

Before leaving Palm Springs we drove by the famous pink door. If you have done any research into Palm Springs you’ll know what i’m talking about.

Then we had brunch at Cheeky’s. I’d read lots about this place and was intrigued by the flight of bacon. We got there earlyish so there wasn’t much of a queue but it was still very busy. I had waffles and we shared the flight of bacon. Definitely worth a visit if you love a good brunch.

Ok well thats all for this blog. Catch up on my journey in the next one when I drive the Pacific Coastal Highway.


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